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 Applicants Read First

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PostSubject: Applicants Read First   Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:24 pm

SIDE NOTE BEFORE DOING A APP KNOW THIS....AG DOES NOT, AND I MEAN DOES NOT ALLOW HACKERS! If you hack we will find out and you will be banned!

much thanks.

Process of Application

Below is the application form required to apply to alpha Gaming, any post not following these guidelines will be automatically deleted.

Once an application has been submitted it must first be accepted by the Administrators of .:aG:. . Once accepted, you enter the recruitment phase where you will wear the .:aG:. tags conditionally for 1.5 - 2 weeks. This period of time allows the members to evaluate you as a player and as a person. when the recruitment period is over your post will be moved to a separate forum section so that all members wishing to vote yay/nay on your application may do so.

  1. Only the votes present will be counted
  2. Majority wins (3 out of 5)
  3. If two or more admins say Nay then the application is rejected
  4. Voting will occur over a 24 hour period

Team Warfare League
Only once the applicant has been accepted as a member will he/she be eligible to join the TWL roster.
To be accepted on the TWL roster you must go through a separate tryout focusing solely on TWL. once the tryout is complete the current roster members must vote again yay/nay.

The TWL tryout will focus on Teamwork, communication, skill level, call-outs / map description, instructional responsiveness, and attitude.

Application Guidelines

First Name:


MW2 Steam ID:

MW2 Level:

Why do you want to join .:aG:.?:

Previous clans:

Why did you leave?:



Do you have Ventrilo/Mic?:

Have you ever Played competitively?:

Is there anybody in .:aG:. you know would vouch for you?:

Tell us About yourself, this is your chance to sell your application:
cheers cheers cheers
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Applicants Read First
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